System Design

Precision Communications, Inc. provides services to our customers in an array of options including system design with needs assessment, siren site selection, radio propagation, and system mapping. Additionally, we will assist in field site selection and staking. Precision Communications, Inc. has designed multitudes of tornado siren systems and we can provide you with expertise that will help you get the best warning system for your specific situation.


Precision Communications, Inc. offers true turn-key installation for systems such as radio towers and outdoor warning systems. We furnish complete installation, testing, and operator training packages. We provide a comprehensive maintenance program for polling, testing, and preventative maintenance visits to the sites. Our experience of installing literally hundreds of sirens around the country is unsurpassed.

Experienced Technicians

All Precision Communications technicians have been certified by our product manufacturers. Our installation crews are specialists in wood, steel, and concrete support structures. We attend all training classes to be certified and to stay current with new technologies, allowing us to provide excellent service to all of our accounts.


Precision Communications, Inc. offers full maintenance of all systems that we represent.

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  • Outdoor Warning System Design

Precision Communications Inc. has specialized in electronics to serve the government and industrial market since 1983. We have more than 140 years combined experience in the communications field providing County-wide systems, Municipalities, Campuses, Military, and Nuclear Markets.