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We carry the most reliable, high-quality communication products on the market; radios, voice and siren alarms, lights, sirens, and more.

Design & Install

We design, install and outfit a system specifically for your needs. Then provide training giving you the confidence operating.


Have confidence that your system will operate at its best. Our maintenance department keeps things in check and repairs as needed.

Industrial Alert Systems

Industrial Safety

Precision Communications carries industrial safety warning equipment for industries both small and large. Your system can be customized to your needs.

Industrial Alert Systems

First Responders Radios, Sirens & Lights

We use only reliable high-quality sirens, lights, and radios for law enforcement and first responders.

Industrial Alert Systems

Weather Warning Systems

Tornado, floods and other weather can be devastating. We use the best in the industry to aid in early warning systems for city and state entities.

We have the Communications Solutions for You!

Welcome to Precision Communications Inc.

Precision Communications is a leading provider of alert communication products for first responders, industrial plants, and law enforcement entities across the United States. We have a vast product line of radios, lights, sirens, and more from well-known brands such as Whelen, Kenwood, Tait, Motorola, and CentrAlert, just to name a few.

Precision Communications is based In Amory, MS, and provides installation services for law enforcement including lights, sirens, and radio installation. Our trained and certified technicians can do the install at our location, or yours. Need more information? Contact us today.